Meet the team

We're a dynamic team of experts in sexual health, reproductive rights, technology, design, and digital media.
We share a passion for increasing access to abortion and contraception self-care through innovative digital solutions.

Diversity-driven care

Our global and innovative team spans 5 continents and 20 countries, exemplifying our commitment to inclusivity and diversity in all aspects of our work.
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Andrew Twineamatsiko

Country Consultant - Uganda
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Neha Arora

Senior Manager - Finance & HR
Nada Ouardi profile photo

Nada Ouardi

SEO Specialist
profile photo Lilian Muchoki

Lilian Muchoki

Program Manager-FindMyMethod
profile photo Abigail Gyabaa Peprah

Abigail Gyabaa Peprah

Communications Officer
profile photo Shisleni de Oliveira-Macedo

Shisleni de Oliveira-Macedo

Program Manager - How To Use
profile photo Fibi Dalyop

Fibi Dalyop

Senior Data Analyst
foram mehta picture jpeg

Foram Mehta

Partnerships Manager
profile photo Maite Karstanje

Maïte Karstanje

Senior Manager - Platform Operations
profile photo Rosa Isela Virgen López

Rosa Isela López

Spanish-English speaking Counselor
profile photo Elong Carine Nyadjroh

Elong Carine Nyadjroh

Partnerships Coordinator-FWACA
profile photo LauraLopez

Laura Gabriela Lopez

Designer & Illustrator
profile photo Florencia Belen Fontana

Florencia Belen Fontana

Program Manager - safe2choose
profile photo Varenka Alejandra Bolio Hernández

Varenka Alejandra Bolio Hernández

Designer & Illustrator
profile photo Noelia Aimará Gómez

Noelia Aimará Gómez

Spanish-Portuguese-English speaking Counselor
profile photo Christi-Lee du Plessis

Christi-Lee du Plessis

Designer & Illustrator
profile photo Pauline Diaz

Pauline Diaz

Senior Manager - Strategic Development & External Relations
profile photo Sneha Sukumar Nair

Sneha Nair

Partnerships Coordinator
profile photo Tisha Gopalakrishnan

Tisha Gopalakrishnan

Executive Director
profile photo Pamela Tapia Trasviña

Pamela Tapia Trasviña

Spanish-English Speaking Counselor
profile photo Michell Montserrat Mor Andrade

Michell Montserrat Mor Andrade

Senior Manager-Digital Strategy and Innovation
profile photo Saabira Kwatra

Saabira Kwatra

Hindi-English speaking Counselor & Team Coordinator
profile photo María Berenice Alvarez

María Berenice Álvarez Martínez

Designer & Animator
profile photo Vianey Amairani Estrada Ramirez

Vianey Amairani Estrada Ramirez

Communications Officer
profile photo Claire Crossett

Claire Crossett

Director of Operations
profile photo Diana Paola Suárez Rodríguez

Diana Paola Suárez Rodríguez

SEO Analyst
profile photo Wendlassida Reine Sonia Savadogo

Wendlassida Reine Sonia Savadogo

French-English Speaking Counselor
profile photo Maria Florencia Scasso

Maria Florencia Scasso

Designer & Animator
profile photo Swati Saxena

Swati Saxena

SEO Consultant