Partner with us to develop innovative self-care solutions, enhance the integration between online and offline care, and foster sustainable behavior change.
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Partnering for innovation

Building the future of self-care

We partner with like-minded organizations to pioneer new digital self-care features and co-create innovative and scalable products and solutions that improve self-care outcomes.

Our partnerships with organizations like the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) have produced a pan-provider online course on medical abortion and an instructional video series on self-managed abortion for end-users.

Partnering for end-to-end care

No boundaries, just care

We partner with diverse healthcare networks and civil society organizations, including medical doctors, clinics, pharmacists, and abortion accompaniment groups, to provide users with a seamless and comprehensive healthcare journey.

Our referral pathways to global provider networks such as MSI Reproductive Choices and IPPF ensure seamless digital-to-offline care, while our collaborations with healthcare associations expand the number of trained providers who can offer safe and effective care.

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Partnering for social and behavior change

Transforming attitudes

We partner with organizations to drive sustainable social and behavior change towards safe and accessible abortion and contraception care. Our customizable digital marketing toolkit is designed to transform societal attitudes and encourage open, non-judgmental conversations that normalize self-care practices.

Through partnerships with DKT International, DKT WomanCare, and Population Services International (PSI), we’ve successfully expanded the reach and accessibility of safe abortion and contraception products across multiple regions. Our digital education campaigns provided comprehensive guidance on product usage, addressed common misconceptions, and promoting informed decision-making. 

Six features that make us a unique digital care partner

Flexible and Customizable Approach
Our modular tech stack provides a flexible and customizable approach that allows partners to tailor our digital toolkit to their specific needs.
Global Scale
Our adaptive framework enables worldwide scalability, even in restrictive markets, expanding the reach and impact of our partners.
Connected Care
Our solutions seamlessly integrate with partner services to provide a comprehensive and immersive self-care experience.
Market Expertise and Insights
Our digital expertise helps partners navigate local market complexities, while our user insights enable them to optimize demand generation efforts and understand consumer access pathways.
Ecosystem Strengthening
Our digital solutions allow partners to strengthen offline-to-online care pathways and contribute to a seamless SRH care ecosystem.
Social Responsibility
Partnering with WFD means contributing to our mission of providing safe, fair, and compassionate digital self-care solutions that create positive social impact in communities worldwide.

Some of our partners

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