Our eHealth Platforms

A modular and essential self-care stack bringing multi-service products to users' fingertips.
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Delivering Next-gen Self-care


Navigate self-managed medical abortion with ease

Simple, multilingual instructions on safely self-managing an abortion with pills in 26 languages.​

Over 50 country profiles that detail the legal parameters for abortion access in each country, as well as information on local pill brands, costs, and available resources.

Equips providers with the skills to safely support self-managed medical abortion with pills. Developed in partnership with IPPF and FIGO endorsed.

Offers medical abortion dosing instructions, aftercare guidance, and personalized prompts in 5 languages. Accessible on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and the website.

A series of videos providing information and guidance on using abortion pills at home. Developed in partnership with Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).

comoabortarconpastillas.org is the Spanish-language version of HowToUse.

lapilule.org is the French-language version of HowToUse.


Your guide to sex-positive contraceptive care

Easily compare and filter contraceptive options based on unique lifestyle and medical preferences.

Over 16 country-specific profiles highlighting available contraceptives and access details in each country.

A directory that enables users to easily navigate their way to the nearest contraceptive and sexual health provider.

Promoting pleasure and positivity while addressing common contraception questions and concerns in 15 languages.

An interactive pregnancy quiz that helps users identify the signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

Guiadesexoseguro.org is the Spanish-language version of Find My Method.


One-on-one abortion counseling and trusted local referrals

Interactive counseling platform with medically-trained experts providing accurate abortion guidance in 10 languages.
An encrypted database housing global safe abortion care access points such as public/private healthcare facilities, pharmacies, accompaniment networks, and more.
Geolocation technology links users to their nearest and safest abortion care provider.

Featuring worldwide abortion testimonials to highlight personal experiences and normalize abortion care.

Abortion providers can register online as referral partners and will undergo a vetting process for quality and safety before being approved.

Ayudaparaabortar.org is the Spanish-language version of safe2choose.

What sets our platforms apart?

Engaging & unbiased

A fun, non-judgmental experience that alleviates user anxiety or discomfort when seeking abortion and contraceptive care.

User-friendly & empathetic

User-friendly interfaces simplify the self-care journey, providing support that is free from stigma or discrimination.

On-demand access

Access resources anytime, anywhere for instant self-care support.

Digital security & privacy

We uphold data privacy standards, helping users maintain the confidentiality of their abortion and contraceptive choices.

Inclusive & adaptable

We accommodate diverse cultural backgrounds, languages, and needs to create an inclusive self-care experience.


Agile framework, responsive healthcare

Enabling self-care in everyday moments
We offer users maximum control over the healthcare journey, catering to different care preferences, from self-guided resources to one-on-one accompaniment support.
Continuum of care
We ensure a seamless continuum of care, covering contraception to post-abortion care and linking users to on-the-ground resources as needed.
Sustainable behavior change
We facilitate healthy sexual and reproductive choices to reduce the risk of unintended pregnancies, unsafe abortions, STIs, and other unwanted outcomes.
A borderless journey
We provide borderless self-care by removing language and cultural barriers through multilingual support services.