Who We Are

We prioritize individual self-care through convenient, affordable, and accessible solutions for every health journey.


Bringing reproductive care into the 21st century

Digital health has hit social maturity, with 5 billion online users and 1 in 20 Google searches related to health.

Today, people increasingly turn to the internet as their primary source for sexual and reproductive care, appreciating the convenience, confidentiality, and agency it provides.

Our digital solutions support equitable and accessible pathways for self-managed abortion and contraception, overcoming cost, stigma and distance to put power and choice in people’s hands. 

Not just another buzzword

WFD leverages cost-effective and scalable digital solutions to modernize self-care delivery and bridge inequities.

We address systemic issues such as strained healthcare systems, stigmatizing attitudes, provider biases, legal restrictions, and limited care access in low-resource and fragile settings.

At WFD, digital health is not just a buzzword, it’s a vital tool for delivering tangible healthcare benefits to all who need them. 



Putting self-care within reach

At WFD we have a straightforward goal: to make self-care simple.

We’re a digital health enterprise dedicated to putting comprehensive, reliable, and inclusive care within everyone’s reach. We prioritize user independence, autonomy, and agency, making self-care simple and accessible to everyone.

Self-care ecompasses a broad range of behaviors, tools, and resources that people use to proactively manage their healthcare, with or without the support of a healthcare provider.

Through our three eHealth platforms, WFD optimizes the healthcare journey for people seeking abortion and contraception information and services. Our flexible and adaptable solutions ensure that users can access the resources they need, precisely when they need them, for truly personalized self-care. 


Digital health principles

These principles embody the core values that inform and guide our approach – from product development to partner engagement.
We prioritize intentional design and constant innovation to adapt our digital health solutions to meet the diverse needs of an evolving healthcare landscape.
We create personalized and accessible self-care solutions tailored to users of all ages and backgrounds, including those in restrictive and fragile settings.
We prioritize scalable, flexible solutions that meet diverse local needs, anticipate growth, and adapt to changes in regions, languages, technologies, and users.
We invest in region-specific SEO to improve search engine visibility and deliver tailored content through diverse digital spaces, amplified by paid ads and local influencers.
We use data insights to inform our product development process and deliver a high-quality user experience through intuitive design and personalized guidance.
We prioritize strategic collaborations to seamlessly integrate our digital health solutions with partner services, maximizing reach and impact across the healthcare ecosystem.
We actively solicit user feedback to continuously improve and refine our digital health solutions, driving and informing industry best practices.


From idea to impact

In 2015, we set out to revolutionize self-care delivery.

Our mission? To establish self-managed abortion and contraception as the new healthcare standard.

Since then, we’ve grown into a team of 40+ passionate innovators spread across the globe, pioneering self-care breakthroughs for everyone, everywhere.

We believe that everyone deserves control over their health and well-being and through our people, knowledge, and portfolio of solutions, we’re making this a reality.